AVR SPS-460 is a solid state electronic device designed to develop and regulate voltage of an brush less alternator. It constantly monitors alternator voltage, frequency and field voltage to maintain constant voltage.SPS-460 is designed to sense both Phase to phase and Phase to Neutral voltage from 150 V to 270 V AC enabling to work for both three phase or single phase brush less alternators. These AVR is substitute to several type brush less alternator if used within its specified output power limits. Uniquely a relay less circuit of AVR requires only 5 V AC to build up voltage. AVR SPS-460 parameters can be adjusted precisely through single turn potentiometers. It has built in protections like Under frequency roll off ( UFRO) with LED indicator to protect winding burn out due to low frequency, stability setting to set load response time, over excit-ation voltage protection time delay trip with LED indicator and fuse protection.


  • Compact low cost model suitable for low KVA rating Brush less alternators.
  • Suitable for 3 Phase or 1 Phase ) Brush less Alternators.
  • Maximum output Excitation 100 V DC and 4 A DC.
  • Over Excitation Voltage protection with 20 s delay timer & LED indicator.
  • Under Frequency protection with LED indicator.
  • Link select for 50 or 60 Hz alternator.
  • Provision for external potentiometer from remote location.
  • Fuse Protection.
  • Size: 128 X 94 X 45 mm. Weight: 255 gm.